Space 4 Art simultaneously functions as a contemporary art space and an arts enrichment center for underserved groups representing a broad cross section of San Diego’s vibrant and diverse communities. 

Space 4 Art is located in San Diego's East Village, an “urban frontier” where high-rise condominiums, homeless tent cities, and the historic barrio collide. And Space 4 Art has plans to build a Permanent Home in Sherman Heights, which is home to succeeding waves of immigrants to San Diego, beginning with Germans in the 1920s, Japanese through the 1940s, Africans through the 1970s, and Mexicans throughout the history of the city. In both locations, Space 4 Art serves as a meeting space where diversity can be explored and celebrated through art. 

The first community outreach project, "Focus on Imperial," created the impetus for the second, known as the "Gilliam Family Community Space and Garden." Both projects were conceived and built by the students of King Chavez and High Tech High Chula Vista. The third, called "The Tiny House Project", was a collaboration between Space 4 Art and High Tech High in which students began the first part of what will be an ongoing project to design and build tiny work/live spaces for local artists. The first full-scale prototype was completed in spring 2016. The fourth project, an offshoot of "Tiny House," challenged High Tech High and King Chavez students to design and build the interim gallery, amphitheater, and boardwalk to be incorporated into Space 4 Art's new permanent home for artists in Sherman Heights. That project, completed in June, 2017, allows Space 4 Art to continue to serve artists and the community during this transitional period between our East Village home and our future Sherman Heights home.

Each of these projects gave students the unique opportunity to work with their minds and hands using design software and power tools side by side with other volunteers from the community.

Our East Village facility is centrally located and accessible via two main transit centers. It is a vibrant and informal setting which houses 26 artists between the ages of 22 and 75 working in a variety of disciplines. Our Sherman Heights home, at 2529 Market Street, is the site of the "Tiny Homes/Big Community" project and provides interim gallery and performance spaces for visual and performing artists. The Permanent Home, scheduled to break ground in 2020, is envisioned as a 36,000 square-foot complex with an indoor-outdoor community/event space, affordable work-live artist units for 34 artists, 23 work-only studios, a gallery, indoor-outdoor classroom, wood/metal shop, and covered outdoor amphitheater.

Space 4 Art provides a place where students, families, and communities connect with the arts and with professional working artists.

High School students and community volunteers building Gilliam Family Community Space and Garden, January 2016

High School students and community volunteers building Gilliam Family Community Space and Garden, January 2016


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Partnering with High Tech High Chula Vista, 9th grade students are learning how to design and build tiny homes for local artists to keep art and culture by providing affordable housing.

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