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Dynamic Mixed Media with Leslie Pierce 6-9PM, Sunday, June 8, 15, 22 & 29 $40 for 1 session | $125 for all 4 sessions Supplies NOT included, please click here for supply list. This class is geared towards expanding your creative side by working with combined painting, collage and mark making techniques. project.. Learn   how […]


Composing Dwarfism: Reframing Short Stature in Contemporary Photography Exhibition Run: June 27-July 19 Opening Reception: 7-10PM, June 27 Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday Curated by Amanda Cachia This exhibition explores the work of two contemporary dwarf photographers, Ricardo Gil and Laura Swanson, who use different conceptual and technical methods in order to re-frame the composition of […]

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Performing Crip Time: Bodies in Deliberate Motion Exhibition Run: June 27-July 19 Opening Reception: 7-10PM, June 27 Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday Curated by Amanda Cachia This exhibition includes the work of 7 female contemporary artists, who perform their complex embodiment through their vantage point of crip time. How might a disability perspective bring new understandings […]

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#HackingImprov: A Generative Song Cycle 7PM, Wednesday, July 9 Admission: $10 GET TICKETS: By Blair Robert Nelson, Composer/Performer Featuring Kristopher Apple, Violinist Composer/Performer Blair Robert Nelson explores over a century of audio technology through his generative song cycle. In collaboration with violinist Kristopher Apple, six mainstage performances at Space 4 Art reveal our relationship […]


STAY STRANGE presents SEAL OF DISAPPROVAL: DEVIANCY & DELINQUENCY 7PM, July 26 — COMIC-CON WEEKEND! $5 – ALL AGES! Space 4 Art Classroom Stay Strange presents SEAL OF DISAPPROVAL: DEVIANCY & DELINQUENCY. This special art event will  explore the possibilities that superheros are not all that perfect and display unusual idiosyncrasies in their normally flawless […]

Ry Beloin

True-to-life representation of the body is note-taking, studying, for me. It’s the beginning. I mean that in the way that studies have to contain the most information of the whole process, and nothing has been edited out yet. The real, physical shapes of things are beautiful, because they’re perfect for what they do. Form is function, and […]


Nuvia CRISOL Guerra has been living in San Diego sine 1996 when she moved from Los Angels to attend UC San Diego. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, she developed a passion for painting and graduated with a science degree and a minor in studio art. She worked for nearly ten years conducting cardiovascular […]


Media: Acrylic, oil, dry media Roy believes the integration and reconciliation of opposites produces harmony. In his painting, he likes to explore both his Dionysian and Apollonian aspects. He derives his ethics from the notion that one acts only to increase the number of choices. Edges are a source of fascination for him. Roy’s skills […]


Apprentice Architect / Sculptor I obtained a bachelors degree from SDSU in 2000 with a degree in fine art with an emphasis in sculpture. In 2007 I earned a Masters degree in Architecture from the Newschool of Architecture and Design. I am currently working towards licensing in architecture, taking on my own design projects as […]

Tommy Divita

When I create a piece I like its meaning to be multifaceted. Because my piece may have many different meanings some of the meanings may be contradictory. I think this is a good thing because I don’t want my pieces to have one single dimension of meaning. A person can create art that has several […]

Richard HUnter

Media: Music & Mixed I play in bands (Moviegoers, Island Boy) and engineer/mix records for other bands (LABS, Smiles Davis, Mangoose Society to name a few). I also actively collaborate with mixed-media artist Jessica Sledge on all kinds of fun projects. Website:


Bob Jones, A young artist from rural Vermont, specializes in figure modeling, bronze casting, and metal fabrication. Now based in San Diego, CA he creates dynamic relationships between the raw material and form of each sculpture. This creates tension as the form emerges from the material while the material stays alive and plays an active […]