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STAY STRANGE presents PECULIAR PERCUSSION An Experimental DRUM Extravaganza Featuring: NATHAN HUBBARD, BRANDON RELF, M.J. STEVENS and ORGASMATRON 7PM, Saturday April 26 $5.00 – ALL AGES! The drummers have had their say! In response to the San Diego Experimental Guitar Show, Stay Strange has created a new and exciting music series called Peculiar Percussion – An Experimental DRUM […]

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#HackingImprov: A Generative Song Cycle 7PM, Wednesday, May 14 Tickets: $10 | $5 Webcast (livestream) By Blair Robert Nelson, Composer/Performer Featuring Kristopher Apple, Violinist/Poet Composer/Performer Blair Robert Nelson explores over a century of audio technology through his generative song cycle. In collaboration with violinist Kristopher Apple, six mainstage performances at Space 4 Art reveal our […]

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From the Page, Through the Lens: Teen Services Student Art Exhibit Exhibition Run: May 1-31, 2014 Public Opening Reception: 7-10PM, Saturday, May 17, 2014 Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday Words Alive will present a student arts exhibit based on the American classic The Great Gatsby within its Teen Services Adolescent Book Group (ABG) program. The objective […]

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New Vocables Featuring: AEDWYRRDE LANCSAUBRE AL-HAZRED and KARL BLAU 3PM, Saturday, May 24 $5 – ALL AGES STAY STRANGE presents NEW VOCABLES – Solo vocal experimentation featuring AEDWYRRDE LANCSAUBRE AL-HAZRED and KARL BLAU. Join us for the third installment of this annual series where we explores the human vocal chords as an instrument. In the […]


Meghan Augustine is an artist based in California and New York. Please direct all inquiries to

Ry Beloin

True-to-life representation of the body is note-taking, studying, for me. It’s the beginning. I mean that in the way that studies have to contain the most information of the whole process, and nothing has been edited out yet. The real, physical shapes of things are beautiful, because they’re perfect for what they do. Form is function, and […]

Curtis Bracher

Every time I look in any direction I am reminded that not one thing I do is something that is one thing I do. It is always something else, someone else, decided somewhere else. This is not a conspiracy. I am as complicit as the someone else. I look and choose just as anyone somewhere […]


Nuvia CRISOL Guerra has been living in San Diego sine 1996 when she moved from Los Angels to attend UC San Diego. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, she developed a passion for painting and graduated with a science degree and a minor in studio art. She worked for nearly ten years conducting cardiovascular […]


Media: Acrylic, oil, dry media Roy believes the integration and reconciliation of opposites produces harmony. In his painting, he likes to explore both his Dionysian and Apollonian aspects. He derives his ethics from the notion that one acts only to increase the number of choices. Edges are a source of fascination for him. Roy’s skills […]


Apprentice Architect / Sculptor I obtained a bachelors degree from SDSU in 2000 with a degree in fine art with an emphasis in sculpture. In 2007 I earned a Masters degree in Architecture from the Newschool of Architecture and Design. I am currently working towards licensing in architecture, taking on my own design projects as […]

Tommy Divita

When I create a piece I like its meaning to be multifaceted. Because my piece may have many different meanings some of the meanings may be contradictory. I think this is a good thing because I don’t want my pieces to have one single dimension of meaning. A person can create art that has several […]

Richard HUnter

Media: Music & Mixed I play in bands (Moviegoers, Island Boy) and engineer/mix records for other bands (LABS, Smiles Davis, Mangoose Society to name a few). I also actively collaborate with mixed-media artist Jessica Sledge on all kinds of fun projects. Website: