space 4 art
san diego, ca

Coppice // Mathieu Ruhlmann // Joda Clément // A.F. Jones Sunday, March 22 Tickets: $10, purchase at the door 1st Set | 7PM | Coppice 2nd Set | 7:50PM | Mathieu Ruhlmann, Joda Clément, and A.F. Jones Coppice is nexus. Since its foundation in 2009, we have departed from bellows and electronics to create compositions, installations, discography, […]


Media and Installation Artist


Nuvia CRISOL Guerra has been living in San Diego sine 1996 when she moved from Los Angels to attend UC San Diego. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, she developed a passion for painting and graduated with a science degree and a minor in studio art. She worked for nearly ten years conducting cardiovascular […]

Innerlandscape II

Media: Monumental sculpture and public art in 2- & 3-D, using metal and mixed media My journey as a sculptor started 25 years ago. It became the visual manifestation of my spiritual quest. After exploring many different media, I felt a close connection to iron. Its strength and flexibility, its ability to be transformed andshaped […]


Media: Acrylic, oil, dry media Roy believes the integration and reconciliation of opposites produces harmony. In his painting, he likes to explore both his Dionysian and Apollonian aspects. He derives his ethics from the notion that one acts only to increase the number of choices. Edges are a source of fascination for him. Roy’s skills […]

Tommy Divita

When I create a piece I like its meaning to be multifaceted. Because my piece may have many different meanings some of the meanings may be contradictory. I think this is a good thing because I don’t want my pieces to have one single dimension of meaning. A person can create art that has several […]


Matt Dunn earned his BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 2005. From 2003 to 2010 he worked in the studio of video artist Tony Oursler. Matt moved to San Diego in 2010, and presently lives and maintains his studio at Space 4 Art. Matt is Preparator, Studio Arts, […]

Richard HUnter

Media: Music & Mixed I play in bands (Moviegoers, Island Boy) and engineer/mix records for other bands (LABS, Smiles Davis, Mangoose Society to name a few). I also actively collaborate with mixed-media artist Jessica Sledge on all kinds of fun projects. Website:


Bob Jones, A young artist from rural Vermont, specializes in figure modeling, bronze casting, and metal fabrication. Now based in San Diego, CA he creates dynamic relationships between the raw material and form of each sculpture. This creates tension as the form emerges from the material while the material stays alive and plays an active […]


Media: Painting, Printmaking Website: As my main interest lies within the complexity and confusion of human relationships, from a feministic point of view, my artwork has mostly contained issues surrounding this topic. Lately, I have been exploring the importance of, and search for, human identity from different perspectives. Mankind often seems to carry within […]


Media: Architecture, fiber Architect  Robert Leathers has completed over 2,000 architectural projects, many of which were volunteer-built projects, in all 50 states and 8 foreign countries. These projects include playgrounds, parks, science centers,  community centers, theaters, galleries and zoos. His work has been featured in various media, including Time , People , and Smithsonian Magazines; Newspapers include […]

Linda Litteral

Through the process of making things, I want to open a door for those who have no voice and allow them a place to speak. Childhood trauma and abuse are dependent on silence and secrets to continue. My visual language speaks of the ‘unspeakable’ while at the same time gives a sense of hope and […]