space 4 art
san diego, ca
Rental Submission Form

Space 4 Art is dedicated to serving the emerging, avant garde arts. Artists and artist organizations are encouraged to utilize our East Village facility. Space 4 Art strives to remain accessible and open to our community.


SPACE 4 ART is a cultural hub and gathering place for the San Diego arts community. If you have an idea for a single or recurring event or workshop you would like to host at the space, please fill out the following form. SPACE 4 ART has multiple venues for events including a classroom, an outdoor stage, and galleries. The cost for holding an event at SPACE 4 ART depends on logistics neccesary to carry out the event or workshop.
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Arts-based events must support the organization’s non-profit mission to be a catalyst for creative arts-based exploration providing a live/work environment as an integral partner to San Diego’s civic innovation through its programming:

  • Encourage, support and facilitate development of affordable spaces for artists to live and work
  • Assist emerging artists with skill development to create viable art careers
  • Offer affordable performance and exhibition space for artistic expression
  • Share, investigate, create and access arts-based STEM Education for young adults
  • Create a permanent facility and community to support experimental, fringe and new artworks and artists