space 4 art
san diego, ca
Studio Rentals

Thank you for your interest in the our artist studios and work/live spaces.

To submit your intent to rent a studio space and participate in the Space 4 Art community, send an email to with the subject line “Intent to Rent – (Your full name)” answering the following questions and including any relevant documents such as a CV, photos, or a link to your website.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Current Phone Number
  • Current Address
  • Briefly describe your artwork and your preferred medium
  • Which studio space are you interested in? (Main building, Work/Live, Lower Level Work)
  • If the space is you desire is not available, list your alternate choice
  • What is the approximate square footage you need?
  • Do you require natural light?
  • When would you like to start using the space?
  • Do you have other skills that you can use for construction, maintenance of Space 4 Art buildings, or for the benefit of the surrounding neighborhood?

Description of Space for Art Studio Rental Facility Types:

Main Building

Studio rent includes cost of all utilities, wireless internet, climate control, and the use of the following common facilities: utility room, slop sink, conference room, gallery, lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor courtyard, and wood shop.


Unit rentals include all utilities and wireless internet. Spaces are not be heated or air-conditioned. Unit rentals include access to all common facilities listed above. 

Lower Level Studios 

Unit rentals include  climate control, all utilities, and access to all common facilities listed above.

Lower Level Live/Work Studio 

Includes half bath and kitchen, separate entrance on 15th St. Unit rental includes climate control, all utilities, and access to common facilities.


Shared kitchen, two bathrooms, laundry facilities, and living room. Unit rental include all utilities and access to common facilities.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process?  …  After you fill send your initial email, you will be contacted by Space 4 Art to review your needs, discuss your art and review what it means to participate in the Space 4 Art community.

How large are the work studios?  …The studios run from 150 – 640 square feet while the live/work are 750 – 1,000 square feet.

How much are the rents? …The range varies from $215 to $995. Rents are calculated based on relative square footage of the unit and other determining factors.

How long is the waiting list?  …We typically have up to 10 people on the waiting list.  Do not be discouraged.  Not every studio will fit every artist so your placement on the list may not be directly related to your opportunity to rent.

How often do spaces become available?  …Availability fluctuates depending upon the current artist’s goals in having a studio space.  We find that we have an open unit about every three – four months.

Is parking available? …Secure enclosed outdoor parking is available for an additional monthly fee and subject to availability.

Does the space offer equipment or tools for use by the tenants?  …Space 4 Art has a wood/metal shop for use by its tenants.  All tenants must sign a waiver before being allowed to use the equipment.

What type of artists are current tenants at Space 4 Art? …With an emphasis on emerging artists, Space 4 Art’s mission is to be a creative center where artists live, work, and interact with their community in an innovative and educational environment.  Current tenants range from recent MFA grad students to internationally established artists working in a variety of media, including visual arts, sculpture, performance, puppetry and new technologies.

What does it mean to participate in the Space 4 Art Community?  …In order to keep the rents affordable, tenants are expected to complete 6 hours of collective work at Space 4 Art.  The type of work may include committee participation, cleaning public spaces, community builds, tenant meetings, staffing events or other projects related to Space 4 Art activities.  Tenants also agree to participate in a minimum of 3 Open Studio nights per year, which take place during monthly exhibition opening receptions.