Space 4 Art is a crossroads where artists and innovators from different disciplines intersect and interact, bringing new vitality to our city. The need for a creative hub such as this in San Diego is imperative, especially in underserved communities close to the City’s center.

Community Designed

Space 4 Art’s interim home is community designed, volunteer built, and artist driven. It is a pilot project designed to test the findings of four years of meetings, presentations, surveys, and design charettes with artists, architects, and community members that established the need for such a space. Hundreds of volunteers working thousands of hours constructed the facility. The result of involving so many people in the design and construction of the project has been empowerment, a sense of ownership, and a critical mass of artists living, working, and interacting with each other.


In order to have a lasting impact in San Diego, Space 4 Art must be permanent. Without permanency, it continuously faces displacement by gentrification and rising real estate prices and will disappear like so many art centers before it. The development of the permanent Space 4 Art work/live center in Sherman Heights is of utmost importance.

In the spring of 2014, Space 4 Art purchased a vacant lot on Market Street in between 25th and 26th to pursue the construction of a permanent facility that will allow us to fulfill our mission.  

Permanent Home Benefits and Opportunities

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Specific Programming and Features of the Permanent Home

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