Abrash Presents

Sunday, May 15

Doors at 5PM, Music at 6PM

Tickets: $5-$10 sliding scale

FEATURING: Joe Foster (Seoul, S. Korea) / Jean-Paul Jenkins (Portland, Oregon), Joe Cantrell / Steve Flato, Sam Dunscombe / Hunjoo Jun, and r u s s y / Yours Truly Jane Palmer

Abrash Presents: is a series of concerts focusing on experimental sound, visual, and performance artists. Abrash Presents: aims to bring traveling musicians and local artists from the San Diego area to interact; juxtaposing performances and forming new collaborative situations.


Joe Foster was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1972, has lived in Seoul since 2002, and plays improvised music. His main collaborators have been J.P. Jenkins, Bryan Eubanks, Bonnie Jones, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Kevin Parks, and others. He's been in the groups Super Unity, Peevish, Don Brown and Dan Reynolds, and English, and has releases on Balloon&Needle, Manual, and Erstwhile Records. He plans to continue playing until death.

Jean-Paul Jenkins has been playing shows since 1991. A recent transplant to LA from Portland Oregon. His primary instruments are guitar, mixing board and stuff. He was in FJE Trio, Hagit, Super Unity, Cexfucx, Ghosting, Baby Rambutan, Portland Bike Ensemble etc. He has done conceptual performances, music for dance, improvisation, music for bikes, music for films, sound baths, music videos, installations, pop songs, field recordings, fake "ethnic" music, DJed, built synthesizers and acoustic instruments, led and wrote graphic scores, organized shows, directed music venues, recorded bands, recorded himself, serenaded girls, chanted om, photographed musicians, put out tapes, cdrs, 3"cds, cds, lps, 7"s, digital downloads, zines and is still into it. His favorite people to play with have been Kelvin Pittman, Joe Foster, Bryan Eubanks, Jason Zappa, Shane Ronet, Mark Kaylor, Heather Vergotis, Sonny Kayotis, Doug Theriault, Moth, Asa Metric, Matt Cunitz, Zac Reno, Zac Nelson, Sean Ongley, David Rafn, David Barnes, Mitchell Brown, Gregg Kowalsky and some I can not remember right now.