Inner Dimensions Opening Reception

Inner Dimensions

Exhibit Run: April 11-23, 2016

Opening Reception: 6-9PM, April 11

Curated by Maria Sanchez and Francisco Godinez

Join Space 4 Art artist, Jeremy Sicile-Kira as he exhibits his work in his first solo art exhibit.

“Truly my life has been given meaning by the discovery that I have synesthesia. Justly my dreams that I had been having forever were nicely given a way to see the light of day when my mom encouraged me to paint my dreams. My great gift is the ability to read people’s emotions and translate them in my dreams into glorious paintings, creating portraits of each person’s inner self. My ability to paint the colors I see in my dreams is the greatest gift I have. I greatly hope my paintings inspire the best in each person.” – Jeremy Sicile-Kira