Space 4 Art’s “Response” Invites Sixteen Local Artists to Depart from Traditional Modes of Display

Space 4 Art’s biennial fall show focusing on artist collaborations returns with an emphasis on how art can be displayed in novel ways, viewed from different perspectives, and used to activate unexpected areas. Thanks to a grant from the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, Space 4 Art was able to support invited artists to consider new ways to re-contextualize their work, draw inspiration from the building and grounds to create site-specific pieces, and work together to create new and unexpected collaborations for "Response." 

The show features sixteen recognized local artists from a variety of disciplines working around the theme of shifting perspectives and creating responses to the buildings and grounds of Space 4 Art, as well each other’s work. "Response" includes installations, immersive sonic environments, interactive pieces, dance, and musical performances – both inside and outside, on-stage and in the ground. 

  • NICHOLE SPECIALE and CURT D. MILLER use the gallery walls as antennae for overlapping radio frequencies, while AREN SKALMAN directs attention to the overlooked areas of Space 4 Art by transforming them into viewer activated speaker systems.

  • C. REE encourages us to look up at a multi-tiered installation using the a drop-ceiling to explore the detritus and absurdity of modernism and development, and ARMANDO DE LA TORRE turns our attention to the history of the ground below through a dig into Space’s soil. 

  • COOPER BAKER and CHRIS WARREN provide an immersive installation that envelops listeners in a field of sound, created in conjunction with a silhouetted “canvas” for the audience to walk across by ARIELLE REBEK. 

  • Cradle to Grave (BATYA MACADAM-SOMER, BONNIE LANDER, MEGHANN WELSH) create a dream-like reflective environment adjacent to a suspended piece by KATHY NIDA that delves into the female subconscious. 

  • SELF ESTEEM (VABIANNA SANTOS and CLINT McCALLUM) bring music that has been described as “queer zen” and “death trip” to the Space 4 Art stage under a woven cylinder piece of various textiles piece by VALERIE HASTIE. 

  • Self-described “dance maker” LESLIE SEITERS creates a serious of prompts to be interpreted by multiple performers throughout the exhibition run.

The opening reception will feature dance and music performances as well as Space 4 Art open studios, refreshments, and a food truck. 

Show Run: September 12 – October 10, 2015