Coppice // Mathieu Ruhlmann // Joda Clément // A.F. Jones

Tickets: $10, purchase at the door

1st Set | 7PM | Coppice

2nd Set | 7:50PM | Mathieu Ruhlmann, Joda Clément, and A.F. Jones

Coppice is nexus. Since its foundation in 2009, we have departed from bellows and electronics to create compositions, installations, discography, instruments, arrangements for performance, software, and sculptural objects. Drawing from its expanding glossary of study, we’re currently focused on the development of new technologies, releases of recordings, and objects for installation and live repertoire with custom instruments, and electromagnetic and pneumatic processes. Coppice recordings have been released internationally, recently by Quakebasket (US), Triple Bath (GR), Agxivatein (GR), Pilgrim Talk (US), and Senufo Editions (IT). The duo will be performing their composition, “Compound Form,” a work for prepared pump organ, tape processes, transmitters and acoustic filters.

Joda Clément has been performing and composing experimental music in Canada for over 15 years, developing a unique repertoire of methods for working creatively with sound. His work utilizes analog and acoustic instruments, microphones, found objects and noises recorded from natural and urban environments, investigating hidden properties of sound, space, and recording techniques that transcend a distinction between audio and source.

Mathieu Ruhlmann is an artist residing in Vancouver, British Columbia whose work seeks to broadcast small intimate sonic happenings through the use of specialized microphones, field recordings, natural material and found objects.

A.F. Jones (Dallas, TX, 1971) is an undersea acoustician and audio engineer. His primary instrumentation is stringed instruments and analog devices, both hand-crafted and found. In addition to composition and performance, Jones records and works from his studio in San Diego, Laminal Audio. Recent material includes a compendium of composed and improvised solo recordings, “rearward through forgottenness” (2009-2013), and the upcoming “Entropy Is What the State Makes Of It”, which documents new music from Steerage, his duo project with guitarist Barry Chabala.