October 16th, 2015
Performance at 8 PM | Doors at 7 PM
Tickets $10 (Advanced ticket purchasers will receive a free download of a recording of performance)

Composer Braden Diotte brings the first of two Southern California performances of music inspired by two decades of hopping freight trains throughout the American west. For General Manifest at Space 4 Art, Braden Diotte will be joined by percussionists Michael Yr. Jeannouxa Day and Jenica Anderson, and vocalists Betsy Rettig and Dr. Andrea Young.

From the composer:
“The inspiration behind General Manifest came two-fold. Aesthetically, I’d wanted to create a piece to pay tribute to the transitory-yet-awe-inspiring music that I’ve witnessed emanating from the underbelly of thousands of tons of rolling stock on occasion over a twenty-year span in which I was taking pleasure in riding freight trains about the American west. At the same time, I also wanted to create a piece based around the broader notion of freedom – a term that I feel has garnered negative connotations since the events of the recent turn of the century. Where these concepts intersect, a philosophy exists that’s as personal as it is political, as anarchistic as it is patriotic, and as natural as it is spiritual. I chose to refrain from attaching a specific manifesto to the piece, and opted instead to allow it to serve as a vehicle for ruminations on the topic by a larger community, in hopes that the message will remain responsive and tethered to the state of affairs of any given “present” and place.”

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