Occupy Thirdspace

Exhibit Run: September 27-October 25

Opening Reception & Interviews with Artists: 7-10PM, September 27 (Music provided by Sonidero Travesura)

Contemporary Transborder Art History Panel Q & A: 11AM, October 24 - UCSD, SME, Visual Arts Presentation Lab, Rm #149

Closing Reception: 7-10PM, October 24 (Music provided by Sonidero Travesura)

Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday

Featured Artists: Alida Cervantes, Cog•nate Collective, Emily Sevier, Jamex and Einar de la Torre, Julio Orozco, Kate Clark, & Marcos Ramírez Erre

Curator Sara Solaimani has worked with the artists and Space 4 Art to design a showcase of contemporary artworks that question the transborder condition and the effect of the border on the lives of individuals.

Occupy Thirdspace is an effort to feed into an ongoing collaborative channel and double-learning between the UCSD Visual Arts Department and important artists in and from North Baja California to enrich the contemporary art history of the borderlands.

These artists’ work address the questions: To what degree, socially, is Tijuana-San Diego a region? What can art do to respond to the antagonism that haunts both sides of the border? The exhibition and closing panel’s objective is to contribute to the field that views the transborder as both an experience of traversal and as a state of being constantly conditioned by the daily terror of militarized transborder spaces.

Occupy Thirdspace is an exhibition featuring surrealist painting, a delicate ironwood installation, an industrial-scale anti-monument, a hand-processd 16 mm silent film, a neo-baroque12-foot altar, a transparent barrier invisibly emitting narrative sound, a live radio broadcast, and the exchange of Paleolithic geological fragments which inspired a graphic novel.

The Contemporary Transborder Art History panel presenting speakers Norma Iglesias Prieto, Emily Hicks, and Amy Sara Carroll is at the UCSD Structural Materials and Engineering Presentation Space on Oct 24, 2014 at 11AM. Schedule below --

TRANSBORDER ART HISTORY PANEL 10:30AM Coffee, brunch, conversation 11:00AM Sara Solaimani: Occupy Thirdspace Premise and My 'Register' 11:30AM Norma Iglesias Prieto: From Non-border to Transborder Art Practices 12:30PM Amy Sara Carroll: Pre-Occupy Thirdspace 1:30PM Emily Hicks: Political Sorcery and a Magical Garden Behind El - Lugar del Nopal: Border Art

***Refreshments will be served.