At the End of the Day | Feb. 15 - March 15

AT THE END OF THE DAY: an exhibition of new work by Andrew Printer

Exhibition Run: February 15 - March 15, 2014

Opening Reception: 7-10PM, February 15, 2014*

Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday

At the End of the Day consists of two new bodies of work by Andrew Printer that sit at the intersection of domestic life and queer lifestyle, camp and documentary, the tragic and the comic. The Sleepers series of photographs places numerous men onto the proverbial conjugal bed while stripping them of any trace of sexuality. Also presented are conventional portraits disrupted by an uncertain, often messy photogram effect that smudges identity, as it celebrates aberration.


Andrew Printer is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is often tied to the experience and the representation of a particular generation of gay men: pre AIDS, post AIDS, middle-age and assimilation.


The opening reception will feature a set of performances specially curated for At the End of the Day by dancer, choreographer, and artistic director Mario Marchiaro. Marchiaro’s alter-ego, Chandalier, can regularly be seen performing at his home stage in La Mesa and at Martini’s Above Fourth. Wood oven pizza available at the opening from Red Oven Artisanal Pizza & Pasta

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