OCT. 19, 2013

museSalon Collaborative

1 – 4 pm


Malesha Taylor, founder of museSalon Collaborative will host a salon series for artists and arts lovers alike.  Each salon will include open discussion by local artists and arts organizations.  Creatives from the visual and performing arts, will work in teams to complete a series of creative challenges that experiment with concepts such as language and text, space and place, and time and movement.  The salon will also include an Idea Session (idea and project brainstorming taken from the format of the "Idea Party"), and attendees will be able to sign-up on a bartering request list.  Any attendees who wish to present their project for the Idea Session should email: mymusesalon@gmail.com. Only 5 presenters will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There will also be time to network and mingle! Refreshments provided.
October is National Arts and Culture month and this event is part of the




MISSION STATEMENT We seek to provide a platform for artists and arts organizations to collaborate and foster sustainability through active membership, discourse, and shared resources. Inspire. Connect. Share. Grow




Malesha Taylor, BIOGRAPHY

Vocalist, Educator and Arts Advocate, Malesha Taylor is passionate about making a life in art possible. Throughout, her twenties, she was a college professor, teaching artist, school district consultant, program manager, and non-profit business owner. She also spent several years singing on renowned operatic stages and lived in New York City and Budapest, Hungary. While passing through cities like Athens, Vienna, Paris and Riga, Malesha developed an enormous sense of self-worth, cultural awareness and survival skills. She discovered that what made her artistic career successful was being connected to her local community, establishing relationships, reinvention, spontaneity and staying informed. Malesha is a connector and innovative thinker who seeks to enliven the arts sector in an ever-changing economy.  Mrs. Taylor was recently engaged with the San Diego Opera and Glottalopticon: Experiments in Contemporary Opera at Space 4 Art, San Diego.  She is most known for her operatic flash-performances on the streets of Brooklyn, NY entitled “Guerilla Opera.”  Malesha received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Vocal Performance from California State University, Fullerton and the University of Southern California.