GreenRoom Writing Workshop:

"Picking Your Battles"

Hosted by So Say We All- led by Nathan Young

7 PM - 9 PM

$5 Suggested Donation

Since 2009 So Say We All have hosted “The Greenroom,”  a free, open, generative creative writing workshop that provides writers of all experience levels a kind, supportive, and challenging community in which to meet, write, and better one another. All Greenrooms are structured around a topic, and include periods for discussion, generative free-writing, and opportunities to read aloud at the end.

Every day we're confronted with a number of problems that need our attention. They can be little personal problems, or large scale social ills.

How do we decide which problems to address vs which to let go? What social factors play in to these decisions? And most importantly, how do we write about it?

This GreenRoom Writing Workshop will be a primer to help generate ideas for our October VAMP showcase "Mob Rules".

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