NOV. 22-23, 2013

Particular Proposition: Through Spaces

7pm Doors Open

7:30pm Performance Begins

$10 GA/ $5 Student

Almost 15 years after their first collaborative concert, Sadie and Terry have come back together to present an evening of new works. After re-evaluating their relationships to the art form they have dedicated their lives to, they have found themselves continually coming back to two words: gratitude and wonder.

"There is an ever present curiosity in our bodies; how they move, what their history is (both inside and outside the dance studio) and how they can speak to the wonder of the world around them through choreography."

Happiness is Here (Again)…

Directed by Sadie Weinberg in collaboration with Veronica Martin-Lamm and April Tra

"I have been slowly discovering this work for more than a year with Veronica and April.  The piece is very much shaped by them.  Both women have gone through extreme transformation; teetering on the precipice of sanity and mortality and finding their way back.... at least for the time being. Ultimately, the work is about our relationship to the now, to our past and to the friendships that grow and develop through the sharing of our common and different histories."

Reverence and Remembering: A History of Modern Dance in San Diego

Terry Wilson sees this as an ongoing conversation with dancers, teachers and choreographers that have contributed to the rich dance history and community here in San Diego. Terry’s ultimate hope is to create an open forum to be as inclusive and inventive as we can with our experiences in modern dance in our local community. This project, still unformed, will underline the gratitude and wonder of being a dancer in this city.  After all, what’s better than living in San Diego?  Dancing in San Diego!


With the haunting music of Ludovico Einaudi, Wilson will create a series of solos that “through space” into duets which potentially unite, exploring feelings of emotional paralysis, connection and inward reflection.

Dancers include: Zaquia Salinas, Alyssa Kinnear, Erica Buechner and Matthew Carney.

After this November concert, “Through Spaces” will evolve and re-define itself to be presented by Jean Isaacs: San Diego Dance Theater White Box festival in April.

Sadie Weinberg: Terry Wilson:

Particular Proposition