DECEMBER 8, 2013

Long Story Short

7-9 pm

Free – Suggested Donation $5

Long Story Short offers a populist platform for anyone, and we mean anyone, to join us and tell a story, without notes, for five minutes or less on a different theme every month. No RSVP necessary, just check the schedule for the next event and show up ready to share!

Long Story Short is a great place to come and meet people, with an extraordinarily welcoming environment and supportive people genuinely curious to hear true stories from strangers in their community, whether funny, painful, practiced or off the cuff.

Showing Off

Riding your bike with no hands. Using that new vocabulary word. We all try to impress. Sometimes it ends in spectacular failure and sometimes it gets us the attention we want. Come share your stories of showing off at our storytelling session told live without notes.

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