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Youth STEAM is a proposed 12-week arts-based STEM after-school workshop for 11th & 12th graders.  Estimated start date is Oct or Nov 2013.

Students will dedicate afternoons to a team STEAM project under the mentorship of their instructors.  Artists, educators and scientists may propose course outlines that they are interested in teaching.

A sample course outline is provided for you to outline the details of your proposal.  Please incorporate at lease one field trip into the program.  List out all necessary supplies required for the workshop.

Course may include one instructor and an assistant instructor.  If the enrollment is over 12 students then a second instructor will be allowed.  The Youth STEAM Budget outlines independent contractors at the following rates:

Lead Instructor - $2,000 / Asst Instructor - $1,500

Students will be encouraged to participate by receiving a monthly bus pass and small stipends if they successfully complete the 12-week workshop.  Space 4 Art will also be looking into collaborations that allow students A-G credits, which can be applied towards college requirements.  Stipends will be given to students during a culminating community presentation.

Example course information may include ideas such as Software Performance Ensemble (computer code & music), Musical Kites (kite and paper speaker construction & sound art) and Community Water Garden (Construction of elevated garden incorporating water, technology and art).

This program is pending funding and final sponsorship may reshape some details of this project.



Public Meeting:                                             6:00 PM on Thursday - July 11, 2013

Deadline for Curriculum:                             5:00 PM on Wednesday - July 31, 2013

Announcement of Programming:                During the Fall - Start date pending funding


Course Outline Document:


Title of Proposed Course/Seminar

Instructor(s) Name

           Please include Complete Contact Info - Phone and Email

Instructor(s) Information

           Education, Teaching and Other Related Experience. Brief Bio

Course Descriptions

           Explanation and Description of course. Please include any course prerequisites.

Student Learning Outcomes Expected - (minimum three)

           What do you expect that the student will get out of this class, and why. Be brief.




Identify each STEAM item

Course Format

           Identify what day of the week or weekend is preferred.      

           Please include any equipment needs as well as any other special requests

           Detail all supplies needed

Expected Demographic

           Who do you expect to attend? Where and how do you expect to reach this audience.

Course Outline

            Weekly Overall with Brief Explanation - 12 weeks

            1.         Week One Overview

            Brief explanation complete with concepts, technologies, keywords.

            Please be clear and brief.

            Students will base their expectations of the course or seminar on these outlines.

Identify Potential Field Trip Location/ Individual:


Letter of Intent may be e-mailed, mailed or dropped off by 5 PM on Wednesday, July 31st to:



SPACE 4 ART                                     or                      

Patric Stillman

Executive Director

325 15th Street

San Diego, CA 92101-7532