JULY 1, 2013

GreenRoom Writing Workshop:

"Workplace Discontent"

7 - 9 pm

$5 Suggested Donation

Presented by So Say We All

Led by Nathan Young

Rag on your ex-favorite band all you want, but you probably sold out long ago. It was the day you signed up for that forty hour a week ball and chain…

Most of us have a place we go to five days a week, whether we like it or not. We fight traffic, deal with crumby co-workers and spend the majority of our waking hours doing something that we really don't care much about. Does it make any sense?

Why do we do it? For the money? Security? Or just cuz we never knew any different? And most importantly, how do we write about it?

This GreenRoom Writing Workshop will be a primer to generate ideas for our August VAMP showcase "Selling Out".








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