AUGUST 31, 2013


Glottalopticon: Experimental Opera Series

8 PM – $15 Donation Suggested

Glottalopticon is dedicated to presenting new, experimental, and rarely performed works that expand the traditional definition of opera. The series showcases performers, composers, and artists whose professional careers center on experimentation and collaboration. It offers San Diego audiences the unique opportunity to experience exceptional talent through a varied and eclectic range of music-theatre in the intimate and comfortable setting of the SPACE 4 ART outdoor stage and gallery spaces. Presented with minimal trappings in a casual environment, the audience is invited to experience this art form liberated from opera house expectations.


August 31, 2013 - performances will occur semi-simultaneously throughout the evening


The performance will coincide with SPACE 4 ART Open Studios and Fast Thoughts for Short Attention Spans exhibition reception.


Not I by Samuel Beckett Leslie Leytham, voice (stage)


Improvisation Bonnie Lander, voice (gallery and outdoors)


We’re running through the woods by Clinton McCallum Batya MacAdam Somer, violin (classroom)


Thunder Sheet Installation (center parking lot)


Interruption Sean Conway, bagpipes and accordion (center parking lot)


Long Deep Absence by Clinton McCallum Clinton McCallum, voice and guitar Jonathan Piper, tuba David Medine, drums (gravel area in lot)


Installation by visual artist Vabianna Santos (gravel area in lot)


Clinton McCallum - composer


Clint McCallum was born at the feet of the Rocky Mountains in Denver Colorado, 1980. He thought himself a novelist until, at the age of thirteen, he taught himself how to play the guitar so that he could be in punk bands. Soon he was playing in jazz bands. Then he went to music conservatory at Oberlin (in Ohio) where he studied composition with Randy Coleman and Lewis Nielson. In respect to those two influential teachers Clint has said: "Mr. Coleman taught me to love the hippy side of Stockhausen, and was the first person to show me Fluxus scores. Mr. Nielson showed me that I could still maintain a physical relationship to instruments and sound, even though I was drawing on paper." After graduating from Oberlin, Clint played in two bands: STEXX (a black metal influenced industrial band that used computer processing and large formal schemes to pummel peoples skeletal structures), and Cockdeath (a computer-grind band that combined short song structures into longer concept pieces to drill peoples eardrums). The bands eventually disbanded in silent-glorious-flashes. So Clint went to pursue another degree or two at the University of California San Diego. That's where he is right now, collaborating with technologist Kevin Larke, tubist Jonathan Piper, saxophonist Eliot Gattegno, and several other fantastic musicians. His current work seeks to investigate the limits of the human body through exhausting performance techniques, high volume levels, and invented technology. It incorporates influences from the western musical avant garde, 1970's american performance art, underground noise music, horror films, and J.S. Bach among others.

Vabianna Santos - visual artist

1873876"Vabianna Santos' sculptures deploy kinetics and sound to investigate the absent body. The work is imbued with the textures of a bedroom rock n' roll fandom where the rhythms and tempos of objects are allowed to collide with those of the body, creating a flux between heartbeats and electronic pulses."



Glottalopticon Upcoming Performances

September 27, 2013 - INVISIBLE PEOPLE (A Radio Opera) composer, Yvette Janine Jackson visual artist, Ava Porter

Purchase advance tickets for Sept. 27 here.

composer, Georges Aperghis
ensemble, the ROMP Ensemble
January 4, 2013 - TBA

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The series premiered May 10, 2013 with Australian singer, Jessica Aszodi.  Photo Credit: Yonatan Aljadeff

























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