JUNE 1, 2013


Presented by Nathan Hubbard/Passengers


8 pm - $10

Nathan Hubbard presents an extended (18 performers) lineup of his group Passengers to perform three long-form pieces entitled Parameters. All three pieces use string, keyboard and percussion instruments featuring a great lineup of different people from multiple different music worlds in San Diego.

Passengers is a (mostly) electric ensemble playing repetitive music that melds slow moving harmonic motion with a motoric rhythmic base. Originally founded in 2007 for a series of performances playing the music of Gary Burton, Passengers found its true identity performing on Hubbard's "Three Concerts for the Winter Solstice" in late 2009. The ensemble spent Fall 2010 thru Spring 2011 rehearsing and performing Hubbard's series of compositions entitled Pattern Field, finishing that cycle by recording those pieces in May 2011. Currently the group is focussing on the Parameters series. This concert will be the third (and possibly last) concert performing these works. http://www.passengersanctuary.com

Here is a video of a recent performance of Parameters I in Arizona - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rXH6ozrUSE





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