MAY 11, 2013


8 pm – $5 admission

Stay Strange is a monthly music series that caters to the adventurous listener.

A night of experimental, noise, outsider art & music.

Audience members are encouraged to not only listen with open ears, but with open minds!

Featured performers this evening are KUDA-GITSUNE and GUNTHER'S GRASS.

KUDA-GITSUNE - In Japanese folklore, a kuda-gitsune is a fox with supernatural powers that will allow its owner to see into both the past and the future. In Southern California, Kuda-gitsune is a free form duo with supernatural powers to make magical music that also allows the listener to aurally time travel. Kuda-gitsune is comprised of non-traditional saxophonist, Ken Kawamura and noise artist, Banetoriko who will play amplified found metal objects through effect processors. They have just put out an album on Carbon Records.

GUNTHER'S GRASS - Gunther's Grass began in 2005 as a collaboration between Marcelo Radulovich and Christopher Adler, to bring together two ancient drone-based instruments from across the world, the medieval European hurdy-gurdy and the Lao/Northeast Thai mouth organ khaen. Both instruments present the idiosyncrasies of their respective traditions and the instabilities of delicate acoustic instruments. Through the lens of contemporary improvisation, Gunther's Grass explores these traditions and the tension between the precision of tuning characteristic of drone-based music and the instability of the real instruments in their environment.

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