MARCH 10, 2013

Long Story Short

7pm – 9pm $5 suggested donation

Long Story Short (LSS) is a storytelling show in which anyone of any skill level can arrive and tell a 5-minute story, without notes, on a different theme each month. LSS serves as a vehicle for the organization to welcome newcomers who are curious about participating with So Say We All, but not ready for the more advanced commitments of Visual Arts Music Performance (VAMP) Series. Many of SSWA’s most dedicated writers, performers, and volunteers were introduced through Long Story Short.

This Sunday, March 10th, Long Story Short’s theme is “Alter Egos.”   Reporter by day, superhero by night. Banker as profession, Star Wars cosplayer as passion. Weekends in that metal band. Mornings in that book club. Shy and retiring. Brazen and bold. We all have different parts that we play. Come down to tell stories of your doppleganger, your evil twin, your alter ego at our storytelling session told live without notes.  LSS is now on a new date, the Second Sunday of each month, but we’ll still be opening doors at 7 and begin telling stories at 7:30.