JANUARY 26, 2013

8 pm - $5 admission

Stay Strange is a monthly music series that caters to the adventurous listener.

A night of experimental, noise, outsider art & music.

Audience members are encouraged to not only listen with open ears, but with open minds!

For more information visit the website here.


This month features solo works by Bobby Bray and Scott Nielsen.

Bobby Bray – Bobby's set will be an effort to simultaneously convey, mystify and demystify a collection of sound phenomena and experimental approaches to sound art. Concepts include Cymatics, Shepard Tone, Gestalt principles, resonate frequencies, DIY electronics, and peak-shift theories.

Scott Nielsen – Scott Nielsen has been obsessed with sound as a mode of expression for most of his life. After studying sound design and practicing the sonic arts in other parts of the country, he returns to San Diego with a bag full of goodies. Using handmade electronics, electro-acoustic instruments, surplus electronics, outdated stereo gear, electric guitars and various forms of analog processing, Scott will create a one-man improvisational electric orchestra to create spontaneous sonic lamentations for your enjoyment.