DECEMBER 7 & 8, 2012


A Dance Performance Series

curated by Wallpaper Performance Co.


somebodies dance theater – a Spit of Wax 

DEC. 7 & 8 @ 8pm

$10 ($5 students)

a Spit of Wax is both a recording of the body and a sacramental remembrance. As five dancers practice the act of recording by repetition and the act of remembering by ingestion, the past is chewed, swallowed, and spit back up.

a work-in-progress by somebodies dance theater

-choreography by Gina Bolles Sorensen and Kyle Sorensen

-with Desiree Cuizon, Anne Gehman, and Maria Juan


**Color Blank Space is a dance performance series curated by Alicia Peterson Baskel, artistic director for Wallpaper Performance Company.  Alicia’s intention is to feature work that exists in the nameless space between reality and fiction.  The work in this series aims to support and challenge the evolving aesthetics of a growing San Diego dance and arts community.