OCTOBER 30, 2012

TrashTalk Theater Halloween Special

Doors 6:30pm $5 General Admission

Interactive artist and cult movie curator Jason Ponce brings TrashTalk Theater back to San Diego with a special Halloween event. TrashTalk Theater is an interactive cinema experience that combines film and social media: using any web-enabled device, members of the audience may submit their own subtitles, thoughtful observations and/or snide commentary directly to the screen as films are viewed. This allows for alternative, group-articulated interpretations of the typical movie watching experience. The effect can be silly or serious, profound or hilarious, all depending on the film, the audience, and how quickly the crowd can think (and type) on its feet.

The TrashTalk Theater Halloween Special will feature an interactive screening of Clive Barker's Hellraiser (1978).

The evening kicks off with an opening presentation by Clint McCallum: Hampering Horror: Or Whatever Happened to the Drive-In?

Hellraiser tells the unfortunate story of globetrotting pervert Frank Cotton (played by Sean Chapman), who while searching for the ultimate carnal pleasure opens a portal to a realm where pleasure and pain are one and the same. This classic horror film provides a curious window into the sexual politics of 1980's America, and its creative thematic intertwining of pleasure, power and horror place Hellraiser well above other films in its class.

To participate in Trashtalk Theater, bring your own web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet computer. We will provide electricity, refreshments, popcorn and a great time.

This event will take place in Space 4 Art's outdoor stage area. Please bring layers with you in case the weather is chilly!

Visit http://trashtalktheater.com for more information. Also visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TrashTalkTheater