OCT. 26/27, 2012

Color Blank SpaceA Dance Performance Series curated by Wallpaper Performance Co. presents:

Yolande Snaith - 100 Feet

A Theatre Dance Solo

Oct. 26 & 27 @ 8pm $10 ($5 students)

100 Feet: 50 pairs of shoes in a snow white space evoke the mysterious presences of 50 seminal women who left their distinctive footprints. Dancing and talking to herself, the mundane, the divine, the real, the imagined, and the impossible, Yolande Snaith negotiates past, present, and future existences.  "I used to be Snow White," she says. "I am incapable of conceiving infinity," she thinks.  "Forever is composed of nows," she feels.  She has a surrealist taste for quotations and an absurd fascination with gesture.  She has an obsession with shoes.  She likes to dress up and strives to strip down.  She dwells in possibility.

This new work explores a constantly shifting persona, a search for the self through the other, a journey through the resonance of past idols and extraordinary minds, from Joan of Arc to Gertrude Stein to Marilyn Monroe to Pina Bausch. Through their own words and images, the solo performer re-inhabits, re-imagines, and re-animates their passions, humor, visions, and poetry.

For more information about Yolande Snaith and her work, please visit: imagomoves.com

*Color Blank Space is a dance performance series curated by Alicia Peterson Baskel, artistic director for Wallpaper Performance Company.  Alicia’s intention is to feature work that exists in the nameless space between reality and fiction.  The work in this series aims to support and challenge the evolving aesthetics of a growing San Diego dance and arts community.