OCTOBER 20, 2012

Apocalpytic Book Release: Last Night On Earth and Black Candies Publication Party!

Saturday, October 20th 2012 8 PM

Free RSVP via Facebook

In honor of the scheduled 2012 apocalypse that will surely befall us any day now, SSWA dedicates the first two titles to roll off its indie press to the apocalypse.

Last Night On Earth is a single novel written by 22 writers from all over the world, spanning the last 24 hours before the world ends in grand fashion from personal first hand perspectives.

Black Candies, the latest annual Halloween horror anthology by Creative Director Ryan Bradford, curates stories from an eclectic mix of writers on the theme of the post-apocalypse.

Pre and post doomsday scenarios, just in time for the spooky hollidays and the Mayan calendar’s end date! Join us at Space 4 Art to celebrate the fact that we finished something we started, made two really good books involving authors local and famous, and took the first baby steps into publishing (because we thought we might make money for a moment there and had to do something about it.)

The party will feature readings and signings by available authors.