NOVEMBER 19, 2012


Parameters I

Parameters II

November 19,  2012 8 PM / $5 / all ages

On November 19, join us for an evening of stirring harmonics with friends of the space and entertainment for all.  For more information or to view a recent performance please visit the links below.

Recent Performance

Two recent long-form compositions, Parameters I and Parameters II, will be performed. Both of these pieces will feature a large ensemble of 16 or more musicians, featuring string, keyboard and percussion instruments. 
The first set will be Parameters I, which focuses on the antiphonal presentation of long melodic phrases.
The second set will be Parameters II, which uses a pulse instrument and four antiphonal ensembles, focusing on asymmetrical overlapping melodic material.
Passengers is a quintet (vibraphone/fender rhodes electric piano/2 electric bass guitars/drums) playing repetitive music that melds slow moving harmonic motion with a motoric rhythmic base.  Currently there are five compositional areas.

1. the Pattern Field series – seven compositions of pitch notation for four voices. 2. Parameters I + II – two extended compositions built from longer pitched rhythmic vamps and/or asymmetrical canons. 3. the Slack Theory series – five compositions of thru-notated music for four voices. 4. the Sanctuary series – compositions for quintet + multiple wind players. 5. older rhythmic material often written for other groups (Return To One, the Rubberband, etc.).

Confirmed performers - Christopher Adler, Kris Apple, Nate Atwood, Jesse Charnow, Randy Chiurazzi, Chris Fulford-Brown, Danny Green, Michael Klayman, Ed Kornhauser, Jay Jay Lim, Harley Magsino, George Pritzker, Mike Slayen, Nick Tocco, Henry Wessman, Louis Valenzuela