The Desperate Characters of Mercer County:

A memorable site-specific performance.

Conceived by Jenna Ann MacGillis

Music Direction by Clint Davis


Join us this season to experience a time, nearly two hundred years ago, with Nancy York, a pioneer ancestor long forgotten until now. In an intimate site-specific performance built into an open-beam live-work loft at Space 4 Art, memories are constructed as living dreams from a different time and place – an older, weirder America. The Desperate Characters of Mercer County incorporates sculptural manipulation, an Americana house band, and story telling both fabricated and true. Fifteen or so honored guests will be welcomed by Ben and Nancy as they serve up their small slice of the old America, alive again to tell it. Their story begins and ends in Mercer County, Missouri, where their civilized ways were lost to the dirt, where deep roots were laid and where redemption could be found in the baptismal waters along Thompson's River amongst the desperate characters – card players, moonshiners, and horse thieves.