SEPT 27, 2012


CURATED BY: Kate Clark and Matt Savitsky

7 to 9 pm $5 suggested donation

In the third and final session of Explosive Time performance series, artists Elle Mehrmand, Ash Eliza Smith, and Hermione Spriggs incorporate pre-recorded audio/visual material into live performances. Each artist continues to evolve the material life of their ephemeral recordings, mixed as digital tracks. These recordings- text, sounds, vocal tracks, conversations - are used as sonic textures that unfold and overlap in the galleries.  In an almost ritual form, the clarity of the original content is obscured through intentional manipulation, cueing a dislocated position of viewership.

Hermione Spriggs holds a BSc in anthropology and is currently an MFA candidate at University of California, San Diego. Her works attempt an autopsy of human categorization, exploring the tensions that exist between nature and culture, transcription and presence. Spriggs is a fellow of Mildred’s Lane and part of research networks The Culture of Preservation (AHRC, UCL) and Something from Nothing: Fearless Speculations in Art, Science and Activism (UCSD Center for the Humanities).

A MODEL SPLATTERED (2) The structural inspiration of this work is that within which rigid structure dissolves: a social situation wrung from the single wet spot in a very dry place.  Dancing on a pivot between clotting and overspill -  pushing on a membrane or sploshing overboard -  the extracted ethnographic scenario re-plays relations to 'pool', regurgitating out the material affects of its origin.

Ash Eliza Smith is an artist currently residing in San Diego, CA.

POP TRAUMA (Version03SD: Elder Abuse) A musical performance. After the neomodern structure fell on the side of our head we realized that we probably weren't the stars of a science fiction anymore. They kept telling us to just go ahead and stare at the sun and that we wouldn't have to eat again.  We reached out for the lonely bush gardeners hand and he begged to know if we were "suffering from tropical trauma?"  "No sir, it's strictly all pop here", I replied.  He recommended for us to abandon our bodies and do the lions pose with our faces, often. Yes it's true, we are already looking younger, but nonetheless, our hearts still hurt...

Elle Mehrmand is a new media performance artist and musician who uses the body, electronics, video, sound, and installation within her work. She received her MFA in 2011 at UCSD in the Visual Arts Department.  Elle is a member of the electronic disturbance theatre 2.0/ b.a.n.g. Lab, and is the singer/ trombone player for Assembly of Mazes.  Her work has been shown internationally at venues such as, LACE, MCASD, OCMA, CECUT, Toronto Free Gallery, UCLA Freud Playhouse, Nevada Museum of Art, and Highways Performance Space.

SAFFRON TEST. Continuing her work within the speculative space of her ethno-dysphoric research laboratory, elle  searches for a cure for her diasporic anxiety.  Embodying the hysteria of terrorism, she sings in Perzish [a faux liminal language] with her pre-recorded sonic selves.  Through the use of sensors, sound, and experimentation, she tests the ancient properties of saffron, an aphrodisiac and an anti-depressant, formulating a DIY escapist medicine.