AUGUST 31, 2012

Color Blank SpaceHOWL

August 31 and September 1, 2012 8pm on the Outdoor Stage $10 ($5 students)

A Dance Performance Series curated by Wallpaper Performance Co.

A Dance Performance with Phoebe Osborne (US), Andrea Vicente (Spain), Joana Serra (Spain), and Ursa Sekernik (Slovenia)

Guest musicians Chris Warren and Kris Apple

HOWL is a performance project of constant transformation, all the while formatted in a specific method developed by Phoebe Osborne, Andrea Vincente and Carola Oritz during their residency together last fall: The practice involves a live, spontaneous investigation of territory where music, movement and set design are constantly being shifted to discover the dreamlike landscapes of collaborative boundaries. This performance is an invitation to witness our live collaboration.

Color Blank Space is a dance performance series curated by Alicia Peterson Baskel, artistic director for Wallpaper Performance Company.  Alicia’s intention is to feature work that exists in the nameless space between reality and fiction.  The work in this series aims to support and challenge the evolving aesthetics of a growing San Diego dance and arts community.