MAY 26, 2012

ARTISTS AND ART SUPPORTERS: Help Design Our future Home

Potluck/Design Session/Performance 3 pm FREE

This is your chance to participate and decide your FUTURE!

We are developing plans that will determine the final design for Space 4 Art. Your ideas will determine that design. This is your chance to create work spaces, performing spaces and exhibit spaces that truly work from an artist’s perspective. We need a diverse group of artists and art supporters to give their input so that we can create spaces that will work for a variety of artists.

On May 26th at 3 pm, we are holding a meeting at Space 4 Art to finalize the design of the components for the affordable studios, work/live units, performance spaces, classrooms and gallery that will make up our new facility. Each breakout group will focus on one of the following: Theater, Gallery, Classroom, work/live units and work studios.

After the design session, we’ll have a potluck. Bring any dish to pass and celebrate the beginning of building a permanent home for Space 4 Art.The potluck will be followed by a special performance by The Wallpaper Performance Dance Company at 7 pm.

Please come. In order for this design to be truly arts driven, we need as much input as possible from ALL types of artists and art supporters.