A Month of Mondays w/ Baskel & Clancy

Mondays in April 11am – 1pm 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30

Space 4 Art’s newest dance performance series Color Blank Space will be serving up daytime performances, A Month of Mondays, for those audience members who’d like to insert art into their daily routine. Every Monday for the month of April, Space 4 Art will be opening the gallery doors between the hours of 11am and 1pm, inviting art lovers to spend their lunch break watching/participating in a performance experiment. With the availability to come and go as one pleases over these two hours, Baskel and Clancy will be exploring their newest work, Perpetual Doubt. Audience is encouraged to bring their lunch or simply bring their attention as this duet attempts to break down the barriers between people and performance.

Baskel & Clancy; Perpetual Doubt was born out of a desire to embrace the uncertainty that comes from allowing art and life to collide. What if performance was not a metaphorical conversation between audience and performers but an actual conversation? Perpetual Doubt attempts to merge conversation, physicality, artifice and experience to ask the question, “What are we doing here?” In this performance, Alicia Peterson Baskel and Liam Clancy take on the challenge of listening and responding to one another, the audience and the world (this small part of it) in real-time.

Color Blank Space is a dance performance series curated by Wallpaper Performance Company in collaboration with Space 4 Art.

Photographer: Ursula Rothfuss