MARCH 31, 2012



7 pm $5 SUGGESTED DONATION POPCORN & REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE Please feel free to bring your dinners but leave the kids at home.

About the Film: It’s the rare film the burrows its way into the collective unconscious, but 2011′s neon-noir fairy tale/fever dream-of-a-film, Drive, the first American film by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, seems to have done just that.  The deceptively simple story of a stunt-driver-by-day/getaway-driver-by-night who finds himself embroiled in romantic notions-gone-wrong plays on Grimm’s Fairy Tale ideas of good vs. evil and the blurry line in-between, and has proven itself to be one of the most obsessed-over films of the past few years.  The film will be preceded by trailers for Refn’s other films as well as for influences on Drive, a brief introduction to the film, and a post open-forum discussion for anyone interested.  Feel free to bring your dinner with you.  Screening will be held outdoors, so please bring a jacket in case it's cool out (we'll have firepits going as well). Craig Oliver is a lifelong film enthusiast and budding filmmaker, among other things.  After six years of hosting various film screenings and events at the Whistle Stop, Burn This Image marks his proper curatorial debut, in which he shares his obsession with film and its subconscious properties.

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About the Series: Every so often, a film comes along and sneaks up on the general public, spreading through word-of-mouth wildfire, one in which a collective obsession is shared.  In Cinema's grasp to provide entry into another world, only a certain few prove to truly immersive, tapping into the audience's subconscious so deeply that viewers can't help but watch these films many times over and gain new insight each time.  It's that strange and magical collision of a filmmaker's vision and intent and execution and the audience's response, in which the space between is completely broken down and we can't help but allow ourselves to be transported into a shared dream-state.  The Burn This Image film series seeks to take a good, long look at what it is about these films that provokes us and why we collectively give ourselves to them.

*Next Burn This Image May 12. More details to follow.