APRIL 6, 2012

Explosive Time

Explosive Time is a performance art series organized by artists Kate Clark and Matt Savitsky. Grouped into three evenings, Explosive Time will present a spectral range of performances including barbershop quartet, conference calls, and a fertility ritual.

Session I : Ouroboros Elizabeth Chaney, Benjamin Lotan, Andrew Printer, Erene Rallis

In Ouroboros, Session I of EXPLOSIVE TIME, artists Elizabeth Chaney, Benjamin Lotan, Andrew Printer, and Erene Rallis adopt a constellation of voices and personas to animate their individual narratives and research, suggesting that any information we translate is a creative treatment the actual. Within Ouroboros, so named for the symbolic character of a snake eating its own tail to self-generate a universe, we have gathered artists who build their identity and work through the emergence of innumerable voices.

April 6 at 7 pm $5