OCTOBER 1, 2011


Collaborative dance theater LIVE

Saturday Oct. 1, 2011

7:30 pm $5 suggested donation

Collaborative dance theater LIVE was formed in 2007 as a laboratory for artists with decades of experience in contemporary dance, theater, contact improvisation, visual art and music. The varied backgrounds of the group, along with its appetite for immediate performance, create an aesthetic that thrives on spontaneity and surprise.

“collaborative dance theater LIVE is something like fluid -it moves in paths of least resistance, it is shapeless and shapeable, it is a medium --a movement and sound transfer, things of subtlety can rest on its surface.” Fictional Writer, Hypothetical Press

Kristopher Apple

Liam Clancy

Ron Estes

Eric Geiger

Jess Humphrey

Mary Reich

Karen Schaffman

Leslie Seiters

Yolande Snaith

Photo by Tim Richards