Marie Thibeault

“Emanations: Paintings and Works on Paper”

Los Angeles artist Marie Thibeault will make her San Diego debut Sept. 3 2011 at Space 4 Art with  “Emanations, Paintings and Works on Paper.”  Thibeault’s work shows complex and multi-layered abstractions of dramatic urban dissolution, such as the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Her approach is rich and painterly; the images become jumping-off points for improvisation. The large oil canvases shimmer with color and simultaneously jar with staccato gestural strokes. The meaning of the physical destruction is never out of sight, and with it a metaphysical angst and destabilization. Within the paintings’ layers, patterns of continuity emerge and retreat: the viewer is ultimately surprised to find balance and a new kind of beauty.

In 2008, Constance Mallinson wrote in Art in America: “The sumptuous interplay between abstraction, representation and text in the works implies that no single language is adequate to fully convey the complex experience of natural or even human? made disasters. Engaging a spectacular artistic tradition, however, Thibeault asks that all the possibilities be kept open.”

Thibeault is a professor of art at California State University at Long Beach. She lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work can be viewed at

Her most recent exhibitions have been at the George Lawson Gallery in San Francisco, The Torrance Art Museum and the Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and masters of fine art from University of California, Berkeley.

Opening Reception September 3, 2011 from 5 to 10 pm.

Show runs through October 15, 2011.