JUNE 11, 2011

Installation in Space 4 Art's Classroom June 11 - 18

The Ancient Gallery (TAG), Better Than Your Average Art

TAG is a collective of artists who specialize in UV- reactive, or Black Light Art. TAG strives to create visionary works by self-consciously playing with multiple genres and motifs, fabricating art from scratch as well as assembling mass-produced cultural icons.  Because of this, we stand astride the demarcation of fine art and kitsch and intentionally blur that boundary. And this blurring process is facilitated by the use of black lights. Black lights make precise definition difficult and the viewer slips into a perception of wholeness in which observer and observed are mutually-arising components of one process. Black Lights suspend linear time and enact spaces too large for mere linear abstraction.

TAG strives to raise the question “what is art?” not as a problem to be solved but, rather, a paradox to be lived. TAG invites our audiences to experience this paradox with us, to evoke everything and explain nothing. And through this evocation, we remember the archetype “artist” lives in all of us and, further, know that very remembrance as our reason for living.