MAY 13, 2011


San Diego City College student photographers work together to demonstrates classic beauty of darkroom photography

The love of all things analog has almost reached cult status, with vinyl out-selling CDs in some record stores and trendy San Diegans buying up Holgas and Diana cameras at Urban Outfitters. But to the four photographers exhibiting work in the Redlight Photo Show, analog is much more than a passing fad.

Instead, to Doddy Porter, Jimothy Hoang, Joseph Castillo and Heather Quinn, analog photography is a technique where time and attention to detail surpass instant gratification. All of the photos on display in the May 13th show were made the old fashioned way -- by laboring for hours at a time in a dark room lit by the reddish glow of safe lights, producing one image at a time by hand.

Students at San Diego City College, the four met in the school's photo department this past fall semester when they were brought together in an advanced black and white photography class. The third and final class in the department's black and white sequence of classes, this class tends to attract photographers with more than a casual interest in traditional photography.

Coincidentally, fall 2010 also marked the grand opening of the new five story Career Technology Building at City College, of which the photo department occupies two floors. In addition to three studios, three digital labs, lockers and a gallery, the facility also includes three black and white darkrooms. Advanced black and white students had the unique opportunity to print in their own darkroom, and in that environment teamwork and creativity thrived.

To continue that theme of teamwork, the four photographers in Redlight decided to work together once again, this time to exhibit their work collectively. Each artist has a distinct style -- from nudes and fashion to documentary and landscape photography -- but what they have in common is a love for the process and creative potential of the darkroom.