FEBRUARY 18, 2011


ArtClash, a worldwide artists' collective committed to community arts engagement, had it's first San Diego-based community 'Fun-A-Day' art show in February! The premise of 'Fun-A-Day' is that local artists commit to work on a project each day during the month of January, then will show at a collective art show in February. San Diego's first foray into 'Fun- A-Day' had 30 local artists pursuing their medium of choice – from sculpture, painting and photography to 3D animation, music, film and more. Works were  available for viewing at a multimedia extravaganza hosted by Space 4 Art downtown. The purpose of 'Fun-A-Day' is encouragement of our community, from the creatively curious to the fine artist, to a) be creatively engaged on a daily basis and b) to foster networking between artists and creative types. As San Diego's art scene becomes an increasingly coherent spirit, ArtClash projects like 'Fun-A-Day' are a means of providing a creative voice and forum for the artists in our community.