FEBRUARY 22, 2010

Februrary Community Build Space 4 Art invites you to parpticipate in our second Community Build!

Thursday February 25 - Sunday February 28 at 325 15th. Street between J & K in East Village.

We will be Painting, Sanding, Hammering, Drilling, Cutting boards, Cooking, Cleaning, Organizing, Photographing, Eating, and More. No experience in construction is necessary. Our builders will put you on a team to complete a task that you can easily handle.

In January, we all had a great time building out the warehouse space for four solid days. Over 80 people showed up to help - And we got a lot accomplished together.

We need your help to make this project possible. Come for one hour or for 4 days, 8 am - 5 pm. Bring food to share for lunch if you wish. There will be a community "celebration" on the Sunday evening.

By volunteering and helping to build Space 4 Art’s new home, we can strengthen the future of the arts in San Diego. 29 new studios and 5 live/work artist’s units will be created, plus a new gallery, teaching and meeting spaces for arts events.

Questions?? Call 619-269-7230