NOVEMBER 27, 2009

Showing Artist Studios/Live Spaces in East Village UPDATE: FINAL Showing today: Sat. Dec 5 from 12-6pm.

ADDRESS:  325 Fifteenth St. San Diego, CA  (East Village between J & K)

In 2002, bestselling author and cultural critic Richard Florida posited that cities “without gays and rock bands” would lose out in the race to redevelop America’s urban core. In 2002, San Diego ranked #3 in the nation according to Florida’s Creativity Index, following San Francisco and Austin, and far outranking New York and Los Angeles. But when you think of artist lifestyles, San Diego is not the first city that comes to mind. Just trying to survive in San Diego is a real challenge. The artists, architects, and real estate professionals who make up the group Space 4 Art are changing all that. The bohemian artist collectives and warehouse lofts ubiquitous in neighborhoods like Brooklyn’s Bushwick are now popping up San Diego.

The group called Space 4 Art epitomizes Richard Florida’s “creative class:” we are progressive San Diego artists, architects, writers, filmmakers, musicians and dancers with background and experience in affordable housing and community built projects.

Lead sdspace4art Architect Bob Leathers discussing the building layout with prospective tenants

Space 4 Art will partner with progressive developers and forward-looking engineers and contractors working to empower artists and neighborhood residents through participation in the collaborative process of designing and constructing these buildings together. Space 4 Art will establish the real, practical living and working conditions that make it possible for artists to do their work and practice their craft in a way that strengthens and enhances the traditional cultures of the neighborhood.

We have just acquired a beautiful 1920s warehouse space in San Diego’s East Village, and we are accepting applications now (from November through February) from artists looking for studios and live/work spaces. The spaces will be move-in ready by March 1.

Gallery space in the main warehouse.  A mezzanine level will be built to house studios.

The existing space has 13-25 ft. high ceilings and heavy timber trusses with windows through the ceiling bringing in natural light in the full length of the warehouse. 26-28 Studios will be built into the existing warehouse space, some divided by 8 ft. high walls and open at the top, with 4ft. sliding doors to maximize space and allow access for large objects.

Other more specialized spaces in the west side warehouse will be available for welding, painting, pottery making, band practice space. The spaces will be nice, yet rough (ideal for messy work), and also very unique. There will also be a significant gallery space where we will have art shows, dance, poetry and theatre performances and other events.

Between four and six spaces are available for live/work with a variety of kitchen and bath arrange- ments.

Live/Work residents may choose to share one of many collective kitchens, or may opt to have their own space with kitchen and bath.

The studio and live/work spaces range from 150-1740 sq.ft. and prices will be affordable, between $250-$1600 and will vary depending upon which space you are renting. Utilities will be included (some studios heated and air conditioned).

Studios share common space, which includes:

  • Large Gallery
  • Event/Performance Space
  • Outdoor Gathering and Meeting Space
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Woodshop (potential)
  • Kiln (potential)
  • Welding Space (potential)
  • Gated parking offered at a small additional fee.

We are open to artists of all mediums and practices, and we recommend that potential residents to participate with us in the processes of renovating these spaces to make them work for your own art practice. The more you participate in the building process, the more money you can save, and the better you can tailor the space to your own needs.

Apply now for space, and we may be able to accommodate you right away. If we don’t have space for you now, we will put you on the waiting list.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

We will be showing the space frequently between November 29 and December 5.

Final showing:  Sunday, Dec 5th from 12-6pm

Location: 325 Fifteenth St. Downtown San Diego, between J & K.