OCTOBER 31, 2009

Artist Studio Space Available (East Village) Space 4 Art is in the process of acquiring an empty 1920's warehouse that will be converted into artist studio spaces. The existing space has 13-25ft. high ceilings and heavy timber trusses with windows through the ceiling bringing in natural light in the full length of the warehouse. The spaces will be divided by 8ft. high walls and open at the top, with 4ft. sliding doors to maximize space and allow access for large objects. The space will be nice, yet rough (ideal for messy work), and also very unique. There will also be a significant gallery space, where we will have art shows and other events.


sdspace4art, a community oriented organization which is progressively working to develop affordable work/live space for artists in San Diego, will house their office space in the warehouse.

Spaces range from 250-1740 sq.ft. and Prices range from $220-$1650 per studio, utilities included (some studios heated and air conditioned). Approximately 4-6 work/live units also available.

Studios share common space, which includes:

Large Gallery

Event/Performance Space

Outdoor Gathering and Meeting Space

Conference Room



Woodshop (potential)

Kiln (potential)

Welding Space (potential)

Gated parking offered at a small additional fee.

We are open to artists of all mediums and practices, although we cannot accommodate welding or any work which poses a fire hazard (unless the tenant would make the space fire rated).

Feel free to contact us with any questions. To apply for space, please complete the below form and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Art practice/medium(s)
  • How much space you're looking for
  • Pictures/documentation of your work
  • Do you need any special accommodations? (i.e. 220 power, special ventilation)
  • Will you volunteer in the renovation?
  • Do you have any experience that would be helpful in the renovation? (i.e. construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, ect.)

Questions, comments, concerns: