Malashock Dance Company + Vanguard Culture

Join the San Diego Symphony, Malashock Dance Company, and Vanguard Culture on January 19th for an unforgettable evening of live-composed choreography, a post-show visual art experience curated by SPACE 4 ART, delicious craft cocktails, and more.

In this intimate event, audience members will witness what is almost always kept private – the initial creation of a new dance work. This rare peek into the creative process will illuminate how movement is created from scratch, ‘on the spot’ by the choreographer with his dancers. Experience dance in a new way when choreographer John Malashock creates new choreography set to music by San Diego Symphony “Hearing the Future” festival curator Matthew Aucoin. (This is an outdoor event, so dress for comfort!)

an empty meeting ground

by Gilbert Neri

An empty meeting ground is a place, or a time, where something might happen. It is also a place where something occurred prior to one’s arrival. In either case, an empty meeting ground is haunted with signs and clues that can be read like evidence from a crime scene. The events in these meeting grounds however are ephemeral and leave little trace of their existence, if any at all.


Exhibition runs: December 3 - December 20

Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday

Facebook event information here

[Re]generation and [Re]newal

a solo show by Jennifer de Poyen

Exhibit Run: October 23-November 19, 2016

Gallery hours 11-4 Wednesday to Saturday

Jennifer de Poyen’s [re]generation & [re]newal is a series of paintings and prints created in the wake of her father’s diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. Using chance as an active partner in the creative process, she began working with ink on paper, an ephemeral, unforgiving medium. This seemed an apt means to explore the fragility of life, a theme that preoccupied her during the months that followed. Collectively, these brooding yet buoyant paintings offer a poignant meditation on the cycle of life, death, and regeneration. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s father, John St. Sauveur Poyen. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Lung Association.

Read about the artist here

Facebook event information here

The Secondary Intent

by Ingram Ober and Marisol Rendón





The Secondary Intent features two multi-media installations of objects and imagery by Ingram Ober and Marisol Rendón; one reconfiguring functionally obsolete objects, the other elevating objects from mundane to opulent. Ober and Rendón re-contextualize and/or memorialize surreal moments of low-culture kitsch, ornate beauty, and accepted principles of taste and pleasure. They share an appreciation for objects unapologetic for their origins and perhaps unsure of a new, or “Secondary Intent.” Can finely crafted, yet outdated, designs break free from their original aesthetics and renegotiate their value as decorative objects? What happens when disposable, consumer-driven choices are re-considered within the cannon of respected crafts? 

Facebook event page here

Read about the artist here

A Tiny World of Green and Gold

Artist: Sara Parent-Ramos

Exhibition Dates: August 1st - 26th  

Reception: Sunday, August 14th, 6:30-9pm

Free/All ages: Small kids with supervision

They outnumber us, predate us, and can have large impact on our functioning.  Over the past decade, new research has emerged shedding light on the influence of gut bacteria on our health, mood, behavior and feelings.  This exhibition explores the wonderful and terrifyingly elusive world thriving inside and outside us, blurring the boundaries between the microscopic and macroscopic in an effort to raise questions about the extent of human agency.!upcoming/n1niv

Abrash Presents

July 8th, 2016

Doors open at 7 pm, Music starts at 7:30pm

Tickets $5-$10 Sliding scale

Abrash Presents: is a series of concerts focusing on experimental sound, visual, and performance artists. Abrash Presents: aims to bring traveling musicians and local artists from the San Diego area to interact; juxtaposing performances and forming new collaborative situations.


Richard Kamerman (NYC)
Amplified motors and objects, digital compositions, and other conceptual works by Copy For Your Records label head Richard Kamerman of New York City. 

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (Austin, TX)
Cringeworthy electronics and morbidly obese Performance (F)Art by Sux By Suxwest/Austin Noise curator Johnathan Cash.

Anime Love Hotel (Austin, TX)
Anime & Reality TV-inspired microcassette compositions and other Pop Culture manipulations - FOR TEENS ONLY.                     

Aunt's Analog (Austin, TX)
Texas' most underrated pedal-smashing Harsh Noise table flipper. Aggressively-psychedelic Heavy Electronics. Runs Instincto Records.

Isolde Touch
The music Asha Sheshadri makes as Isolde Touch is boldly literal. 
Perhaps literal is inexact; concrete is closer, as her sounds have
a clarity that ties them directly to their origins (a piano is exactly
a piano). Conceptually she deals in abstraction, but sonically she’s
unafraid to let her sources shine through like light beams where
they could easily be buried in fog. That approach adds meaning to
the title Secretary of Sensation – this is organized music whose
physical effects come with a creative agenda, even if that agenda
can be interpreted in many ways. (Marc Masters)

Error Massage
Error Massage is the new noise project from San Diego legend Glen Galloway of Octagrape, Truman's Water, etc.

Tiny Homes Project Celebration

6-9PM, Friday, June 10, 2016

Tiny Homes Project Celebration
Free/All Ages
Live Music and Student Performances Onstage
Tacos from iSalud! Barrio Logan

Over the last six months, fifty-four ninth graders from High Tech High Chula Vista have worked with 14 artists from Space 4 Art to design and build a “tiny home” live/work unit for artists. 

The students will be celebrating the completion of this first full-size prototype at Space 4 Art. The event is free and open to all ages. In addition to student-led tours of the unit, there will be live music throughout the evening by Space 4 Art tenants, UCSD students, and High Tech High Chula Vista students, brief individualized design sessions led by architects and HTHCV students. 

The prototype is designed to be modular and moveable. After the event, it will be taken to the future site of Space 4 Art’s permanent home in Sherman Heights to become part of the future building. 

**There will be sign up lists on hand, at the event, for artists interested in renting a unit at the future site, so they can receive updates as the project moves forward. We will also be considering and reviewing artists to move into these units in the order in which they signed up.

High Tech High is a project-based learning school that focuses on building skills and learning through hands-on projects. Students learn to collaborate, develop the confidence to communicate their ideas, and connect with the community outside of their school. Space 4 Art is a nonprofit art center with the mission of building permanent affordable housing for artists in San Diego. The Tiny Homes project centers around the idea that art is vital to communities and that rent is often too high for artists to continue to live and produce work in them. 

High Tech High teachers, Regina Kruglyak and Britt Shirk, encouraged their freshmen to explore the "Tiny House Culture" and study the impact their individual housing choices have on the environment. 

This first section of the Tiny Homes Project was funded in part by a successful student-led Kickstarter campaign. Space 4 Art and the students hope to design and build more tiny homes in the future through grants and other local fundraising efforts.

Read more about the project here:

Wallpaper Performance Company

Wallpaper Performance Company

7:30PM, May 24

Tickets: $10

Choreographed by Alicia Baskel

Seating is limited - please text your RSVP to 858-220-4606

We've been Making, Playing, Memorizing, Forgetting, Considering, Reconsidering, Being, Doing, Imagining, Writing, Discussing, and now Sharing. This evening length performance is a continuation of our investigation into choreographed improvisation. We invite all artists and non-artists, writers and non-writers, to respond creatively in whatever medium suits you. We're intrigued by the potential for a continuation of the creative process.

- Alicia Baskel

Rhetorical Displacements Film Screening

Rhetorical Displacements
A short film by artist David White
Part of the exhibit The Aesthetics of Soft Colonies

As a follow up to last weekend’s opening there will be a film screening and post-screening conversation with the artist this Saturday from 2-4PM. Screening starts at 2PM and the film is 44 minutes in length. 

Rhetorical Displacements is a film based on a talk given by artist David White called “Tactical Displacements: Makers, Places and the Aesthetics of Soft Colonies” that, in addition to offering a critique of current urban trends such as “tactical urbanism,” innovation districts, maker and craft cultures and creative economies, intercuts the content of this talk with three recent promotional videos of developments happening in San Diego (most pointedly in the neighborhoods of East Village and Barrio Logan). The rhetoric of these promotional videos are, in turn, intercut with the stories of one resident of East Village and one (former) resident of Barrio Logan whose lives have been affected or displaced by recent and future developments. 

Rhetorical Displacements is part of the current exhibition “The Aesthetics of Soft Colonies” which runs through June 11, 2016. More information about the exhibition can be found here:

Abrash Presents

Sunday, May 15

Doors at 5PM, Music at 6PM

Tickets: $5-$10 sliding scale

FEATURING: Joe Foster (Seoul, S. Korea) / Jean-Paul Jenkins (Portland, Oregon), Joe Cantrell / Steve Flato, Sam Dunscombe / Hunjoo Jun, and r u s s y / Yours Truly Jane Palmer

Abrash Presents: is a series of concerts focusing on experimental sound, visual, and performance artists. Abrash Presents: aims to bring traveling musicians and local artists from the San Diego area to interact; juxtaposing performances and forming new collaborative situations.


Joe Foster was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1972, has lived in Seoul since 2002, and plays improvised music. His main collaborators have been J.P. Jenkins, Bryan Eubanks, Bonnie Jones, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Kevin Parks, and others. He's been in the groups Super Unity, Peevish, Don Brown and Dan Reynolds, and English, and has releases on Balloon&Needle, Manual, and Erstwhile Records. He plans to continue playing until death.

Jean-Paul Jenkins has been playing shows since 1991. A recent transplant to LA from Portland Oregon. His primary instruments are guitar, mixing board and stuff. He was in FJE Trio, Hagit, Super Unity, Cexfucx, Ghosting, Baby Rambutan, Portland Bike Ensemble etc. He has done conceptual performances, music for dance, improvisation, music for bikes, music for films, sound baths, music videos, installations, pop songs, field recordings, fake "ethnic" music, DJed, built synthesizers and acoustic instruments, led and wrote graphic scores, organized shows, directed music venues, recorded bands, recorded himself, serenaded girls, chanted om, photographed musicians, put out tapes, cdrs, 3"cds, cds, lps, 7"s, digital downloads, zines and is still into it. His favorite people to play with have been Kelvin Pittman, Joe Foster, Bryan Eubanks, Jason Zappa, Shane Ronet, Mark Kaylor, Heather Vergotis, Sonny Kayotis, Doug Theriault, Moth, Asa Metric, Matt Cunitz, Zac Reno, Zac Nelson, Sean Ongley, David Rafn, David Barnes, Mitchell Brown, Gregg Kowalsky and some I can not remember right now.

The Aesthetics of Soft Colonies Opening

The Aesthetics of Soft Colonies Opening Reception

6-9PM, Saturday May 14

The exhibit features two installations by artist David White. The works look at the changing landscape of city development in the context of the increasing trends of urban economic disparity, homeless encampments, and "innovation districts" so prevalent in local, national, and international urban revitalization rhetoric. 

Into the Blue Cyanotype Workshop

10-4PM, Saturday May 14

Fee: $75

Take your photographs to a new level!  Join the Bridge team at SD Space 4 Art in downtown San Diego's East Village neighborhood for a one day all inclusive workshop.  The Cyanotype is an early form of photographic printing that yields a beautiful Prussian blue tone.  Using analogue or digital capture, you will learn to create a large format digital negative that can be used to contact print your images on to watercolor paper.  The day will begin with a downtown walking/shooting tour, then back to the workshop for prepping and printmaking. Instruction provided by Space 4 Art tenant, Siobhan Arnold. 


All Participants will take home a minimum of 3 finished cyanotype prints.

Questions?  Email

Inner Dimensions Opening Reception

Inner Dimensions

Exhibit Run: April 11-23, 2016

Opening Reception: 6-9PM, April 11

Curated by Maria Sanchez and Francisco Godinez

Join Space 4 Art artist, Jeremy Sicile-Kira as he exhibits his work in his first solo art exhibit.

“Truly my life has been given meaning by the discovery that I have synesthesia. Justly my dreams that I had been having forever were nicely given a way to see the light of day when my mom encouraged me to paint my dreams. My great gift is the ability to read people’s emotions and translate them in my dreams into glorious paintings, creating portraits of each person’s inner self. My ability to paint the colors I see in my dreams is the greatest gift I have. I greatly hope my paintings inspire the best in each person.” – Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Open Studios

Open Studios @ Space 4 Art
Friday April 8, 2016

TOUR over 30 open artist studios
SEE work and works in progress by artists working in a variety of disciplines
VIEW a collaborative art piece by S4A artists and an exhibit of their work
LEARN about our partnership with High Tech High Chula Vista to build affordable work/live prototypes for artists

Music by Miss Erika Davies with members of Trio Gadjo
Cocktails by Old Harbor Distilling Co. 
Local Craft Beer
& Tacos from iSalud! Barrio Logan

Participating Artists: Siobhan Arnold, Kelly Arvizu, Curtis Bracher, Katherine Brannock, Max Daily, Matt Dunn*, Alyce Dutile, Jennifer de Poyen, Roy de Vries, Alexis Grinbold, Neil Hart, Brennan Hubbell, Robert Michael Jones, Craig Kindel, Paul W. Koester, Bob Leathers, Linda Litteral, Gilbert Neri, Cheryl Nickel, Erika Paniagua, Scott Polach* Sara Parent-Ramos, Tara Ralls, Alexia Rose, San Diego Guild of Puppetry, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Stephanie Steele, Ariana Warren, Chris Warren, and Kathryn Nova Williams  

*Not able to attend but studio will be open

Abrash Presents

Abrash Presents

7PM, Saturday March 19

Tickets: $5-$10, sliding scale, purchased at the door

Abrash Presents: is a series of concerts focusing on experimental sound, visual, and performance artists. Abrash Presents: aims to bring traveling musicians and local artists from the San Diego area to interact; juxtaposing performances and forming new collaborative situations.

Featuring: True Strength / Golden Fur / Peter Kuhn & Tommy Babin / Erik Carlson


True Strength is Ida Duelund-Hansen (Copenhagen) and Alexander Garsden (Melbourne).  Their work bridges revivalist and traditional folk, baroque music, improvised and electroacoustic practices.  Primarily performing original works in both Danish and English, they interpolate performances with works by Cage, Ives and Dowland, along with traditional works and improvisation.  They have just completed their debut self-titled album, which will be available for purchase later this year.  More info at:

Golden Fur is an Australian chamber ensemble based in the USA, comprising Samuel Dunscombe (clarinets, electronics), Judith Hamann (cello) and James Rushford (keyboards, viola). Golden Fur is dedicated to the creation of new work by living composers and visual artists, and the presentation of under-represented works from the twentieth and twenty-first century musical underground. Since its inception in 2008, Golden Fur has commissioned twelve works by Australian composers including Natasha Anderson, David Chisholm, Cat Hope and Anthony Pateras, and has given Australian premieres of works by Robert Ashley, Jani Christou, Ana-Maria Avram, Jaap Blonk, Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier, Jakob Ullmann, Klaus Lang, Olga Neuwirth and Ivan Wyschnegradsky.

Judith Hamann is an Australian-born cellist currently based between Melbourne and San Diego. Her performance practice stretches across various genres, encompassing elements of improvised, art, experimental, and popular music. She has worked with artists and ensembles, including Oren Ambarchi, ELISION Ensemble, Ellen Fullman, Graham Lambkin, Jon Rose, Not Yet It's Difficult, Ilan Volkov, and La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Judith is a founding member of Golden Fur with James Rushford and Samuel Dunscombe, and an immersive cello duo with Anthea Caddy.

Samuel Dunscombe arrived in Fall 2011 at UC San Diego, where he is working toward a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degree from the Department of Music. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he lived most of his life. Dunscombe attended the now-defunct Victorian College of the Arts, receiving a Bachelor of Music Performance: Clarinet, with honors. He earned a Master of Music Performance degree in composition and computer music from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Art (Sound) at RMIT University. In his artistic practice, Dunscombe explores the tension between Western traditions of contemporary classical music, sound art, free improvisation, and electronic music performance. He uses clarinets and the graphic programming environment MaxMSP, in conjunction with abstracted, real-world sounds (field recordings). In work that is highly exploratory in nature, both sonically and conceptually, Dunscombe takes real-world, real-instrument, and electronically-generated sounds which twist and morph into each other, creating an unstable sonic terrain that challenges traditional boundaries between music, the real world, and the electronic interference (noise) that has become so ubiquitous in the modern age.

Erik Carlson has performed as a soloist and with many chamber and orchestral ensembles throughout Europe and the Americas. He is a highly active performer of contemporary music and has had works written for him by numerous composers, including Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tom Johnson, Jürg Frey, and Georges Aperghis. Mr. Carlson is an enthusiastic proponent of interdisciplinary collaboration, and performs frequently with poets, dancers, actors, and film. He is a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble and the Talea Ensemble and is the founder of the New York Miniaturist Ensemble. He has been featured on over a dozen recordings, including his own two recent albums of music for violin. Also a composer, he has had his musical compositions performed in a wide variety of venues. He studied violin with Jorja Fleezanis, Ronald Copes, and Robert Mann, and holds a Master's degree from The Juilliard School. Mr. Carlson enjoys expensive bourbon and long walks on the beach.

Clarinetist-saxophonist Peter Kuhn gained a notable foothold in New York’s avant-garde jazz scene in the late seventies and early eighties, collaborating with some of the music’s most heralded artists (Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, William Parker, Wayne Horvitz, etc.) and releasing albums on labels like Hat Hut (Ghost of a Trance) and Soul Note (The Kill). In the mid 80’s Kuhn dropped out of the music scene do deal with the challenges of addiction and is now committed to helping others find freedom from addiction and transform suffering via Buddhist Ministry and recovery work in prisons and the community. His re-emergence on the music scene over the last 5 years has garnered much acclaim. His recently released “Our Earth / Our World” on pfMENTUM Records (Dave Sewelson, Gerald Cleaver, Larry Roland) and has two more releases scheduled for May on NoBusiness Records which includes a studio recording with Nathan Hubbard and Kyle Motl. Bassist

Tommy Babin is a native of Nova Scotia, Canada and is currently pursuing his doctorate in double bass performance at UCSD under Mark Dresser. A Juno award winner and recipient of multiple composition grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec, and the British Columbia Arts Council 2010 Olympic Fund, he has performed worldwide in a widely varied assortment of musical contexts. His work as a performer, composer and arranger can be heard on some 50 albums and has been called “rugged and exact” by The Globe and Mail,  “muscular” by Signal to Noise, “inflammable” by The Village Voice, and“virtuoso” by the San Diego Reader.

Graphic Scores

Imagine attending a concert where in place of sheet music, performers used paintings as their musical scores. On Sunday, March 13 from 3-6PM, the emotional and evocative modern artwork of Tara Ralls will be read as "graphic scores" by cellist Erdis Maxhelaku (Albanian Academy of Fine Arts) and composer/keyboardist Frank Ralls (Disney, ABC, Take 6). 

RSVP & F&Qs :

Tara Ralls has been creating art since childhood. She studied at the University of Indianapolis and The Art Institute of Indianapolis. Her professional experiences have been varied and include past work as a model/actress (USA Network's "Graceland" and promotional spots for Disney World), photographer, graphic designer, interior designer, and visual artist. She is a founding partner of Ponder Dust Publishing, which has released two #1 World Music records currently playing on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and FM/internet radio stations nation-wide.
A cellist of 30 years, Erdis Maxhelaku studied cello at The Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania. When he's not touring he can be found performing throughout southern California. 


Frank Ralls is a composer, arranger, and producer who's work portfolio includes Disney, Sea World-Busch Gardens, ABC, and 10X Grammy winning A Cappella group Take 6.

the frequency of something happening Closing Reception & Artist Talk

Closing Reception & Informal Artist Talk
Curator Notes and Artist Talk to begin at 8 pm

Raw materials and textured layers of repetition play a central role in the work of both JOSHUA MORENO and SPENCER RABIN. the frequency of something happening brings together the two San Diego-based artists for the first time, with works that use meditative and endurance-based processes to make concrete a sense of duration. Using materials such as graphite, charcoal, and video imagery to produce their abstract works, Moreno and Rabin create phenomenological occurrences with the human mark, sourcing inspiration from natural dichotomies, immeasurable expanses, and cyclical occurrences. Space 4 Art is proud to present these synergistic works which urge us to consider the depth of their pared-down forms.



Tickets: $15 general | $10 students, seniors, military (purchased at the door) online:

Ori Talmon - Three Visits to Meun

Jenna Lyle - New work for moving/sounding body

Jenna Lyle with Jessica Aszodi - Grafter

Australian vocalist Jessica Aszodi and composer/performer Jenna Lyle will make a rare appearance in San Diego on January 28th at Space 4 Art. The centerpiece of the program is Grafter, a new, collaboratively devised work for voice and electronics by Lyle and Aszodi that incorporates amplified voices, bodies and live electronics. The performers interact using samples, both of their voices, choreographed movement and live processing. The piece places energetic focus on the body, simultaneously altering sonic outcomes through choreographic affectation. Additionally, Lyle and Aszodi will both perform solo pieces. Jenna will perform a self-devised work for her own moving-sounding body and Jessica will perform Ori Talmon’s Three Visits to Meun, which was premiered recently at Australia’s ‘BIFEM.’ Both Grafter and Meunreceived premieres at the Resonant Bodies Festival in New York City to great acclaim. The New York Times has praised Aszodi's "virtuosic whimsy" while the Australian media calls her simply "one of the finest actress-singers in the country" (The Age).

the frequency of something happening Opening Reception

Exhibition Run: January 23-February 20, 2016

Gallery Hours: 11-4PM, Wednesday-Saturday

Featuring Spencer Rabin and Joshua Moreno

Raw materials and textured layers of repetition play a central role in the work of both Joshua Moreno and Spencer Rabin. the frequency of something happening brings together the two San Diego-based artists for the first time, with works that use meditative and endurance-based processes to make concrete a sense of duration. Using materials such as graphite, charcoal, and video imagery to produce their abstract works, Moreno and Rabin create phenomenological occurrences with the human mark, sourcing inspiration from natural dichotomies, immeasurable expanses, and cyclical occurrences. Space 4 Art is proud to present these synergistic works which urge us to consider the depth of their pared-down forms.

Date Night @ Horton Plaza

DECEMBER 12, 2015, 4-10 PM & DECEMBER 13, 2015, 12-5 PM


located on the 5th floor between
Fresh Up Barber Shop and Nordstrom
in the SDAI Project Space

DATE NIGHT contemporary art fair arrives and sets up shop the weekend of December 12-13th, 2015, at Horton Plaza Mall. An architectural venture based on Ray Bradbury's essay The Aesthetics of Lostness, this mall has been described as "a temple where we can all tilt our faces to the sun," with "more angles than a train wreck -- a multilayer maze of walkways, stair steps, terraces, bridges, arches, pillars, beams, and cupolas." We offered participants booths and walls; some chose to work without walls.

Through a generous invitation from the San Diego Art Institute we have had the pleasure of programming an event in an unused storefront. Collectively we decided to use this as an opportunity to pass sections of space and air wave across members of a community that often feels dispersed, fragmented, and decisively liminal. And what a more fitting location than the mall?! A place for the misfits, the disjointed, and the dislocated to reclaim and hang out in full anti-capitalist critique! Contrary to contemporary mall wisdom, at this mall, ambient sources of aesthetic arousal amplify to keep the customer coming. Intrepid spaces are: TARP Reform, Friend's Collective, Helmuth Project, PoderesUnidos, A Ship in the Woods, Space 4 Art, SPF15, UAG, Untitled Space.

DATE NIGHT will also feature 'Maul Mauls,' Ash Eliza Smith's performance-to-film shot at Horton Plaza Mall, readings hosted by Now That's What I Call Poetry and Emergency Index Vol. 4, and sound works curated or produced by STAY STRANGE, keepbullfighting (Alexander Heath), EMV (Eric Michael Valelly), Matthew David and Diva Dompe, Cameron Perry Fraser, Lawrence Michael Narron, Muscle Memory, and Ellen Schafer. We hope you make DATE NIGHT your weekend.

Organizers: Trevor Amery, Kim Schreiber, Morgan Mandalay, Seth Ferris, Jessica Frelund, Javier Fresneda, Dustin Brons, Audrey Hope