Frankie Melendez is an artist and musician known mostly for psychedelic noise ritual band, RIVERVERB, as well as psychedelic afro-punk outfit, TAR HALOS. He enjoys making rock posters and anything that contributes to music projects that inspire him. He was taught abstract expressionism at an early age by his late father, Charles Melendez. Spiritualist love-dealin' Leo with a big heart and generous with his time and attention, Frankie seeks a depth of awareness that comes with a heavy toll. Hanging out in the Valley of the Gods isn't free. Duality will keep you waiting in line. The cosmic panhandler is just looking to serve the Divine Host and be there for his brothers and sisters in any way he's needed. His best friend is his dog, Kevin. He's a journeyman carpenter and enjoys his career in custom woodwork, cabinetry, and especially loves to remodel homes and contribute to people's quality of life by helping them to turn their living space into a sanctuary with love and attention to detail. He's pretty easy to find if you want to look him up.