Our Mission

To establish a creative center where artists live, work, and interact with their community in an innovative and educational environment.


  • We believe in synergy — Artists from disparate backgrounds working together in proximity inspire each other.
  • We believe in the artistic dividend — Arts are an essential element of the cultural economy that attract creative thinkers from other fields to our city.
  • We believe in the transformative power of Art — Art can lead to healthy growth in marginalized communities.
  • We believe in cultural diversity — Arts can fortify existing communities and traditional cultures.
  • We believe in empowerment — Community design/build projects give artists control and connect them to their creations.

Our Goals

  • To grow our idea through the building of a permanent facility.
  • To dramatically increase the number of work/live units available, thereby attracting more emerging artists to San Diego.


In 2008, over 300 concerned citizens participated in a series of community meetings, design workshops and surveys focused on the difficulties many artists in San Diego face. These included a shortage of affordable work studios and work/live spaces, a lack of venues for emerging artists to perform and show their work, and a general disconnect between artists and their surrounding communities.

These meetings generated the guiding fundamental principles of Space 4 Art. In December of 2009, Space 4 Art signed the lease for an interim Arts Center in three adjacent warehouses located in San Diego’s East Village. For six months, professionals worked with volunteers in a series of “community builds," fabricating modular panels and outfitting each studio to match the artistic needs of the tenant. Later, and with community, support, an outdoor stage and a classroom were built.

Space 4 Art received not for profit 501(c)(3) status in May of 2013.