Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process? Once you have completed an application form, we will contact you if we have any suitable openings. At that point, we will set up a meeting time to discuss your art practice and explain the role of the tenant-artist in the Space 4 Art community. 

What size are the studios?  The work only studios run from 120 – 640 square feet and the live/work are  750 – 1,000 square feet.

How much do the studios cost?  The range varies from $250 to $1,200. Rents are calculated based on the relative square footage of the unit and additional factors like sinks and location in the facility.

How long is the waiting list?  We typically have up to 10 people on the waiting list, but don't be discouraged. Not every studio will fit every artist so your placement on the wait list may not affect your chances of getting a studio. NOTE: The work/live studio wait list is longer as the turn over rate in those units is very low.

How often do spaces become available?  We find that we have an opening with work-only studios about every three to four months; however, there is a very low turn-over rate with the work/live units.

Is parking available?  Secure enclosed outdoor parking is available to occupants of live-work units for an additional monthly fee and subject to availability.

Does the space offer equipment or tools for use by the tenants?  Space 4 Art has a wood/metal shop for use by its tenants.  All tenants must sign a release waiver before using the  equipment.

What does it mean to participate in the Space 4 Art Community?   Our tenant-artists keep their rent low by volunteering to maintain the physical space and guide the organization through their membership on committees that develop its art, educational, and community outreach programming. The type of work may include committee participation, cleaning public spaces, community builds, tenant meetings, and staffing events.