Curtis Bracher is a West Coast artist and an Art Foundations/Digital Instructor at various colleges in San Diego, CA. He received his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting/New Media from Pratt Institute in New York and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from San Diego State University. As a practicing artist for over twenty years, his visual media interests are wide ranging - video and sound projection, interactive experience, mass culture imagery as epistemological, experiential sculpture, and the more engaged aspects of drawing. Throughout his educational career, he has lectured widely, taught, directed the Museum Art School at SDMA, has worked with various community art organizations, and, currently, he is a participant in the experimental art project - San Diego Space 4 Art. The most recent of his exhibitions included a video projection at the San Diego International Airport. His last group show, "Felicita" at Ship in the Woods in San Diego, included interactive explorations with imagery and sound. Born February 1, 1964, he had lived in New York (and Colorado) for over 12 years before moving back to Southern California in 2008. He has a young daughter that destroys his studio more than he does.